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Trattoria and Tavern

Osteria La TrattOsteria 
Via Bastia, 129 (loc. S.Bernardino) - 48022 - Lugo di Romagna
tel.: 0545.914350 - fax:
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Pasta al parmigiano, Osteria La TrattOsteria

In the first years of the ' 900 century a typical tavern is born in the country of the Romagna Region that will call "L'Ustariaza". With passing of the decades the premises evolve: it grows in largeness, places to seat and level of kitchen. Today the premises calls "La TrattOsteria". It's a peasant atmosphere, typically inhabitant of Romagna, comfortable and warm in winter, thanks above all to a beautiful fireplace in knows it large and to one it stews today to working itself firewood of terracotta.
For the periods warmer a veranda with inner courtyard waits for you.

Interno, Osteria La TrattOsteria

The familiar restaurant is to management and proposes: optimal pastes pulled to the mattarello from our sfoglina. Second with meat before choice, always freschissima, like our fantastic coming from FIORENTINA from breedings of "race chianina". Fantastic also ours grilled of sure meat and our less second ones in frying pan like threads and stracetti of thread. Moreover you will find an immense cake amount of our production that change second of the season or particular occasions.

Paella, Osteria La TrattOsteria

We are moreover "bruschetteria" and we propose also our "Pizza al tegamino" for a pleasant one they dull nocturne.

It's possible to eat with job-menų from Euro 12,00.


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