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Fattorie Didattiche

Didactic farm Campiume 
Via Campiume, 6 (Loc. Fognano) - 48013 - Brisighella
tel.: 0546.80112 (cell. 339.1137070) - fax: 0546.80112
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Didactic farm Campiume

The Campiume Farm holiday is situated in the municipal district of Brisighella, on the spurs of the "Appennino Tosco Emiliano" and can offer you a pleasant and relaxing stay, in harmony with nature and in a place surrounded by gentle hills, vineyards and age-old olive groves.

Didactic farm Campiume

The Wine Route Through this route you will get to know how grapes turn into wine. you will visit the vineyards and will be informed about the wine-making art. you will also enjoy some wine-tasting, which will help you understand the wine culture.

Didactic farm Campiume

The Olive Route Through this route you will get to know how drupes turn into oil and the detailed explanation of the production and tasting techniques will make you better appreciate this fabulous condiment.

Groups up to 10 people max
Visiting hours to fix
Duration : abt 1 h 30 minutes
Price : euro 15/person
Booking is requested at least one day in advance

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